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After serving over 20 years in the U.S. Navy, I decided that I would retire in December of 2017. Before military personnel retire or separate they have to attend a mandatory week long class to assist them with transitioning back into the civilian sector. The class mostly consists of resume writing skills and job interview skills. I did not find anything in the class to direct veterans in finding a job. I personally got nothing out of the mandatory class and I attended it twice.  


Transitioning from the military to the civilian sector is an extremely stressful process. Whether you are retiring or separating from the military, everyone will need to find a job. For me, this was very stressful and tiring. After spending over 20 years in the military I was out of touch with how the job hunting market worked but also very unfamiliar with how to present myself to an employer using civilian terms versus military terms. Which I found is very common throughout the military. I struggled to find a job before I retired. Having a wife and 4 kids, not having a job was out of the question and I began to question my decision on retiring and became extremely stressed out.


Luckily, after finding the Gilbert Foundation, I submitted my application and appropriate paperwork and was selected to attend a class in Houston TX, to acquire my NACE 1 certification. The Gilbert Foundation not only paid for the class to get my certification but they also ensured I would be ready for the up coming class which was very intense. I acquired my NACE 1 certification after completing the class and was hired on at Atlantic Coating Inspection as an inspector at AdvanSix Chemical Plant. Without the help and support of the Gilbert Foundation I would not be in the position I am today. This foundation is set up to help veterans get jobs after leaving the military, which is a big problem throughout the entire military.        

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